We provide the following services for your trees, shrubs and hedges:

Formative Pruning

We take the following into consideration when pruning smaller fruit trees through to larger specimen trees:

  • Removal of deadwood
  • Removal of split or crossing branches
  • Crown thinning to improve light
  • Crown lifting for clearance
  • Selective pruning to create views
  • Selective thinning of heavy limbs to reduce risk of failure
  • Pruning/trimming to improve overall shape or size


If you have a tree that is diseased, has suffered storm damage, has become hazardous or is simply too large for your property, we can help. Trees can be removed by felling or by sectional removal. Felling is the preferred method when enough space is available to do this safely. Sectional removals are more appropriate for larger trees in confined spaces and may require advanced climbing/rigging techniques or the assistance of a lift truck/crane.


We can turn waste wood branches into mulch for your garden or remove it from site. Our versatile C27 Hansa chipper is made right here in NZ and has a wide 13″ x 7″ infeed that can be rotated for ease of use.

See photos of our work in the gallery!

Larix decidua (European larch) header image by Jens Enemark
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